Writing: My Dream House

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Give the following information in complete sentences. Write two comments for each question.

Describe your dream house.
Create an introduction for a careful description of your dream house.
1. Generally describe the location of your house.

2. Describe your neighborhood and the surroundings of your house.

Describe the size and exterior style of your house.
3. What is the size and style of your house?

4. Mention the colour and anything that makes your house special to look at.

5. Describe your front and back yard.?

Describe the interior.
6. What are the rooms in your house?

7. What are the furnishings like, and what are the activities that you do in those rooms.

8. Which room is your favorite room, and why?

Create a conclusion.
9. Is it comfortable? Is it warm, happy and safe?

10. Why is it good for a home?

Then proofread your work and make corrections below.